GGTA December News

Want to join the GGTA board and make a difference?… And, membership discount through the end of the year… And more in the December newsletter. Neighborhood Update


Happy Holidays to all our GGTA members and their families!

We wish you all a Prosperous, Happy & Healthy 2019

If you’d like to guide the Tenants Association’s Activities during 2019 and beyond, please throw your hat in the ring for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary or Member-At-Large Please contact us at to nominate a friend, a neighbor or yourself!

It’s nearly time to renew your GGTA membership.

If you pay before December 31st, 2018, the annual fee is only $20.00 (instead of $30.00) AND if you enroll a new member – just $15 for each of you.

Come on now – you can’t beat that.

Send your check to: GGTA, Post Office Box 2134, San Francisco, CA 94126. You can include your new enlistee in the same envelope. Remember to include both of your names, building and apartment numbers, email addresses and phone numbers.

Thank you!

The Gateway

Tom Gilligan

The GGTA is mourning the loss of Vista East tenant and longtime GGTA board member Tom Gilligan (1939-2018). After spending much of his life in Washington D.C., Tom moved to San Francisco to watch his grandson Liam grow up. He took a lively interest in all those around him and was happily engaged in neighborhood activities. We lost a kind & generous man, who always found the humor in all things. He will be missed!

The Fire

All tenants affected by the fire have found new quarters while their units are being renovated. The repairs will take a while, and Gateway management says they will keep in close contact with the VS tenants that are waiting to move back into their apartments. Many of you have asked about more fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency procedures at The Gateway, and more. We sent all your ideas and questions to management for their consideration.

Bed Bugs

We have learned that bed bugs have been found in several units in Vista East. We appeal to all Vista East residents to inspect their furniture, especially beds, couches and chairs, to check for small red bed bugs. If you find any, please contact Gateway management at (415) 434-5707.

The Gateway has contracts with pest control services, and will arrange any necessary inspections, testing and treatment. All inspections, testing and treatments will be free of charge to the residents.

If you want to know more about bed bugs, treatment options and how to dispose of affected furniture, please see this website: BedBugs.asp

Neighborhood Projects

Seawall Project

Over the past year, the Port’s Seawall team has been hard at work understanding the existing conditions and analyzing earthquake and flood vulnerabilities. The effort continues for projects to strengthen the Seawall and adapt to sea level rise. If you are interested please consider joining the next Seawall Community Meeting #3 to learn more about the Embarcadero Seawall and the City’s approach to sea level rise and seismic risks in the short, near, and long-term. Thursday, January 31 at 5:30 PM @ SPUR at 635 Mission Street

Building Project at 447 Battery Street

Here is a rendering of the updated design for 447 Battery, which will have no condos. The planning and approval process is continuing. We will update you with more information in 2019.

Sale of Office Building at 600 Battery Street

“The Registry” announced that Atlanta- based Invesco Real Estate has been selected as the buyer of the 117,939 square foot 600 Battery Street office building in San Francisco for approximately $120 million, or just over $1,017 per square foot. Invesco also has the opportunity to expand the size of the property. The office building is zoned C-2 with a height limit of 84 feet. This gives the new owner the potential to vertically add up to 93,000 square feet to the property in the future and expand the value of the asset further.

The sale has not yet closed and there are no known immediate plans to expand the building, but neighborhood groups like the GGTA and the BCNA will certainly watch the project and update you accordingly.

The Central District Police Station

We welcome Captain Robert Yick as the New Commanding Officer at the Central Station located at 766 Vallejo Street in North Beach. “I am dedicated to working with the community, merchants and stakeholders to ensure that the Central District is safe place to reside and visit.”

To subscribe to the Central Station’s Email Newsletter, please follow this link: central-newsletters

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