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Affordable Housing Working Group Meetings Have Started

(This article was submitted by Golden Gateway Tenants Association President Bill Hannan, who attended a working group meeting on affordable housing planned for Broadway and Front streets.)

On Aug. 7, I attended a “working group” meeting hosted by theMayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) at the Broadway Family Apartments, an affordable housing project at 810 Battery Street.  Our hosts were Teresa Yanga and Joel Lipski of MOH.

Present were Bob Harrer and retired architect Solomon Pan and June Osterberg (BCNA), Lee Radner (FOGG), Jon Golinger and Stan Hays (Telegraph Hill Dwellers), Stephanie Greenburg (SoTel Neighbors), Jonee Levy (NEXT Village), and Gateway activist Ernestine Weiss.  The focus of the meeting was tenant income eligibility at the proposed affordable housing project at a half-block lot on Port property at Seawall Lot 322-1 at Front and Broadway, now used as a parking lot.

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