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Come and meet your neighbors! GGTA organizes a monthly no-host social usually on the First Tuesday at a local watering hole conveniently located to the complex. We also sometimes go nuts and have a second social during the month, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements.

Also, GGTA stays vigilant about neighborhood issues and developments, and we’ll post information here about public meetings. If you want to know more about what’s being built, what’s changing regarding our streets or transit, and other decisions affecting our community, please watch this page.

Check back for details on upcoming events!

GGTA December News

Want to join the GGTA board and make a difference?… And, membership discount through the end of the year… And more in the December newsletter. Neighborhood Update


Happy Holidays to all our GGTA members and their families!

We wish you all a Prosperous, Happy & Healthy 2019

If you’d like to guide the Tenants Association’s Activities during 2019 and beyond, please throw your hat in the ring for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary or Member-At-Large Please contact us at to nominate a friend, a neighbor or yourself!

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The Gateway

Tom Gilligan

The GGTA is mourning the loss of Vista East tenant and longtime GGTA board member Tom Gilligan (1939-2018). After spending much of his life in Washington D.C., Tom moved to San Francisco to watch his grandson Liam grow up. He took a lively interest in all those around him and was happily engaged in neighborhood activities. We lost a kind & generous man, who always found the humor in all things. He will be missed!

The Fire

All tenants affected by the fire have found new quarters while their units are being renovated. The repairs will take a while, and Gateway management says they will keep in close contact with the VS tenants that are waiting to move back into their apartments. Many of you have asked about more fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency procedures at The Gateway, and more. We sent all your ideas and questions to management for their consideration.

Bed Bugs

We have learned that bed bugs have been found in several units in Vista East. We appeal to all Vista East residents to inspect their furniture, especially beds, couches and chairs, to check for small red bed bugs. If you find any, please contact Gateway management at (415) 434-5707.

The Gateway has contracts with pest control services, and will arrange any necessary inspections, testing and treatment. All inspections, testing and treatments will be free of charge to the residents.

If you want to know more about bed bugs, treatment options and how to dispose of affected furniture, please see this website: BedBugs.asp

Neighborhood Projects

Seawall Project

Over the past year, the Port’s Seawall team has been hard at work understanding the existing conditions and analyzing earthquake and flood vulnerabilities. The effort continues for projects to strengthen the Seawall and adapt to sea level rise. If you are interested please consider joining the next Seawall Community Meeting #3 to learn more about the Embarcadero Seawall and the City’s approach to sea level rise and seismic risks in the short, near, and long-term. Thursday, January 31 at 5:30 PM @ SPUR at 635 Mission Street

Building Project at 447 Battery Street

Here is a rendering of the updated design for 447 Battery, which will have no condos. The planning and approval process is continuing. We will update you with more information in 2019.

Sale of Office Building at 600 Battery Street

“The Registry” announced that Atlanta- based Invesco Real Estate has been selected as the buyer of the 117,939 square foot 600 Battery Street office building in San Francisco for approximately $120 million, or just over $1,017 per square foot. Invesco also has the opportunity to expand the size of the property. The office building is zoned C-2 with a height limit of 84 feet. This gives the new owner the potential to vertically add up to 93,000 square feet to the property in the future and expand the value of the asset further.

The sale has not yet closed and there are no known immediate plans to expand the building, but neighborhood groups like the GGTA and the BCNA will certainly watch the project and update you accordingly.

The Central District Police Station

We welcome Captain Robert Yick as the New Commanding Officer at the Central Station located at 766 Vallejo Street in North Beach. “I am dedicated to working with the community, merchants and stakeholders to ensure that the Central District is safe place to reside and visit.”

To subscribe to the Central Station’s Email Newsletter, please follow this link: central-newsletters

Acrobat PDF: december-updates-2018.pdf

Building Projects at 88 Broadway and 735 Davis Street

Developer John Stewart Company is proceeding with design, financing and City approvals of two affordable housing buildings on the block bounded by Broadway, Front, Vallejo and Davis Streets, on two parcels now used as parking lots, one owned by the Port and the other by the SF Department of Public Works. 

The larger building at 88 Broadway will have 130 units of family housing, and will occupy the entire western half of the block.  The smaller building at 735 Davis will have 54 senior housing units, will occupy part of the eastern half of the block, and will be flanked by existing buildings.  A north/south walkway through the entire block will separate the two new buildings, and an east/west walkway through the entire block will pass through the 88 Broadway building, and will separate 735 Davis from the existing building to its south. One or possibly two restaurants or cafes are proposed at street level.  The buildings will fit within existing 65-foot and 40-foot height limits.

The two buildings will be managed by Bridge Housing.  Rental units will be available to a mix of low income, very low income, and moderate or middle income tenants. Construction is expected to begin in 2019, and to take 19 months for 88 Broadway, and 16 months for 735 Davis.

We will update you on the progress when construction begins!

Teatro Zinzani

Teatro ZinZanni’s project to build a 285-seat dinner theater and 4-story 192-room hotel on Port property at Broadway and the Embarcadero is moving through the City’s approval process.  The site is now a 250-space triangular parking lot.

The building will fit within the existing 40-foot height limit.  Arriving patrons will use a recessed 80-foot long passenger loading zone on Broadway.  No new parking spaces will be provided, and 35 street parking spaces will disappear.  TZ will lease 50 parking spaces at 847 Front Street. The Vallejo Street right-of-way will be vacated. There will be a small privately maintained park at the north end.

Demolition of the parking lot and construction of the project are expected to begin in 2019, and construction time is estimated to be 22 months.  Construction hours will be 7AM to 5PM Mondays through Fridays, with “occasional” work on Saturdays. There will be no pile driving.

We will update you when construction begins!

Brief Fire Update October 25, 2018

The meeting today was well attended by tenants affected by the fire and those who are eager to help.

Gateway Managers Dan Valdez, Clay Tominaga and Lidiya Alexander,

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, his Chief of Staff Sunny Angulo, as well as

Aaron Armstrong, Project Director at Restoration Management Company, were there to explain the process.

If you are affected you should contact Dan or Lidiya ASAP to set up a meeting. Aaron Armstrong will join the meeting, you can also bring your insurance rep and, if you so desire, your own restoration contractor.

Dan Valdez assured us that they are working hard on restoring the apartments with little damage first so you can move back in soon. If there is no debris on your apartment floor, no fire or water damage they might release your apartment in the next couple of days.

The Gateway will provide interim housing for you, – please contact the office for more details.

Dan Valdez,, 415.203-5732

Lidiya Alexander,, 415.4334-5709


A lot of residents have also asked us how they can help. Can they provide a meal for you? Can they run errands with/for you? Can they help you make calls?

Sunny Angulo (415.554-7451) said Aaron Peskin’s office is able to help with necessary items from hygiene kits to blankets to clothes.

The community cares about you! Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Angulo or the GGTA.

Fire update October 23, 2018

There are still a lot of tenants who cannot go back to their apartments.


It is very dangerous to breathe in those particles, and even a little time in the affected apartments can cause longterm damage.

A restoration company is working since the early morning hours and apartments will be accessible once they have finished their work.

They are hoping to make all apartments on 17th floor and up available today.

The apartments 01 and 02 on the floors 8 to 16 will not be accessible for a while because of either fire or water damage (and asbestos).

To my knowledge the tenants of floors 3 to 8 have all returned to their apartments. Many on floors 9-11 have too.

The Gateway management is working on finding hotels for all those displaced for the night and permanent housing for the future.

Please know that even if you have found accommodation for tonight or for the next few days you can still contact Red Cross at 415-427-8010. They will provide immediate emergency needs and more!!

If you have any question please let GGTA know!

Thank You Fire Station 13!

On behalf of the Golden Gateway Tenants Association and all residents of the Gateway, the GGTA went to the Fire Station 13 today to thank them and all forces involved for their response to the fire in the Vista South building on Monday, October 22, 2018. 

The firefighters ran up many flights of stairs to extinguish a blaze that had flames shooting out of balconies. Their quick response and effective action saved us from what could have been a major disaster in a 25-story building.  The facts that no tenants were injured, and that an elderly couple was carried safely out of the building reflect great credit on the training, professionalism and courage of the San Francisco Fire Department.

We know that our own Station 13 firefighters were the first responders (like Jay & Joe pictured below), and that additional members of the SFFD joined them.  We are thankful for their tremendous work.

We also sent a letter to Chief Joanne Hayes-White and a few members of the board will go to the upcoming commission meeting to thank them publicly. img_6354

Neighborhood Concerns – Who should I call?

Decorate your fridge with our printable PDF of Who to Call in City Government. (Text also included below)

Neighborhood Concerns – Who should I call?

Do you find the condition of our neighborhood unacceptable? A recent Nextdoor post showed how to make a difference. Here is an excerpt:

Call 911 when a person is

  • a danger to self or others, is experiencing a medical or psychological emergency
  • committing a crime (selling/doing illegal drugs, lewd behavior/nudity, theft etc)

    Call 311 or non emergency police number (415) 553-0123 to

  • provide well-being checks for people not in imminent danger but who need help
  • report tents/encampments, aggressive panhandling/behavior, people blocking sidewalks/ entrances
  • file a noise complaint or submit a public service request

    Use the 311 app and Twitter @SF311 to

  • reinforce 311 and police calls with helpful photos and messages
  • report Syringes/drug paraphernalia, human waste, garbage/debris etc.

    You can also contact your supervisor and the mayor with your concerns

Aaron Peskin

District 3
(415) 554-7450
Twitter: @AaronPeskin

Mayor London Breed

(415) 554-6141
Twitter: @LondonBreed