News from our Building Reps: new laundry facilities, Teatro ZinZanni, and more

Gateway Updates

  • New laundry facilities: have been installed in each building.  Management plans to add numbers to the washers and dryers so we can remember where we left our laundry!
  • Recycling: Management will be posting new recycling signs in each trash room in the near future.  Reminder – all boxes and items too large for the chute must be walked down to the respective building’s garage trash area on level B for disposal.
  • Bedbugs: Incidences seem to be on the wane; however, if you believe your apartment has a problem, please let Gateway management know. It is their responsibility to address and solve all resident environmental issues.

Neighborhood Happenings

  • 88 Broadway/735 Davis: Construction began in April on the two-building affordable housing project to be located at 88 Broadway (6 stories, 130 units for families), and 735 Davis (4 stories, 52 units for seniors).  Work is expected to continue for about two years.  Foundation piles will be drilled instead of driven, which should limit construction noise.  Normal work hours will be 7 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday.
  • Teatro ZinZanni: Representatives of GGTA and the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association (BCNa) appeared before the SF Planning Commission on May 2nd and spoke in support of the Teatro ZinZanni project, to be located on Port property at Broadway and the Embarcadero. The project includes a 192-room hotel with restaurant, and a 285-seat dinner theater in a glass-enclosed circus tent, and complies with the existing 4-story height limit.  The Planning Commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit for the TZ project.  The approvals process is continuing, and construction is expected to begin in 2020.  Like 88 Broadway, foundation piles will be drilled instead of driven, which should limit construction noise.
  • Seawall Project: Last November SF voters passed a general obligation bond in the amount of $425,000,000 to begin restoring or replacing three miles of our Embarcadero Seawall, from Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Creek.  Work is in the planning stages.  First repairs are expected to be complete by 2026.  The Port will host 45-minute seawall walking tours on May 16 and July 18.  To sign up, go to the Port of San Francisco website and click on “seawall”.
  • 447 Battery: A few years ago the owners proposed a 20-story structure: a hotel with condominiums on top. The SF Planning Department objected to the condominiums, and the project is currently being redesigned.
  • Traffic Changes: SFMTA has approved several changes to traffic patterns in our neighborhood, including creation of bicycle lanes on some streets.  These include bike lanes both ways on Davis Street between Broadway and Jackson.  Some Gateway residents are concerned that bikers southbound on Davis will not stop at Jackson, but will continue into and through Davis Court, creating a safety problem in a plaza used by pedestrians, moving vans, service trucks, Sales office visitors, and motorists entering or leaving the Phase I Gateway parking garage.  These concerns were raised at an April meeting of the SFMTA Board of Directors, and we were told that SFMTA will monitor safety at that location.  These Davis bike lanes will not be physically separated from other lanes, but will be marked by pavement paint.


2018 News Recap

Here’s a recap of news from 2018… a busy year for the Golden Gateway and our neighborhood…

The Great Fire 
On October 22, 2018 a candle set fire to an apartment curtain in Vista South. Fire and water damage emptied 30 units.  The San Francisco Fire Department responded superbly, several residents were rescued, and no injuries were reported.  GGTA representatives attended management’s meeting with displaced tenants to discuss repairs, which are taking several months.  GGTA expressed appreciation to the SFFD by a letter to Chief Hayes-White, by delivering a large box of See’s Chocolates and three dozen donuts to Fire Station 13, and by sending representatives to speak at a November meeting of the Fire Commission, where one of our board members sang a personally-composed song of gratitude, accompanying himself on the guitar.  GGTA has arranged for an SFFD fire safety presentation at its membership meeting on February 9.
Teatro ZinZanni
Formerly located at Pier 29, Teatro ZinZanni proposes building a 4-story 192-unit hotel and 285-seat dinner theater on Port property at Broadway and the Embarcadero, with a restaurant at the corner.  The project is moving through the City’s lengthy approval process.  If approved, construction may begin as early as 2019, with completion in 2021.  No pile driving will be allowed.  GGTA welcomes this lively addition to our neighborhood.
88 Broadway
This is an affordable housing rental project which will include some units for moderate-income tenants, located on Port and other public property on Broadway between Front and Davis.  There will be one building for families, and a separate building for seniors, with heights varying from 4 to 6 stories.  At least one cafe or restaurant is planned.  Financing is currently being negotiated, and construction may be about the same time as Teatro ZinZanni’s.  
447 Battery
The owners propose a 19-story 182-room hotel where Cort Furniture is now.  The Planning Department has ruled out condominium units, and requires the owners to keep the existing 3-story red brick facade.  The approval process is ongoing, with no known construction date.
Bars at Night
The Penthouse Club on Broadway is slated to stay open until 4:00 am (without alcohol service after 2:00) despite opposition by neighborhood groups including GGTA.  Also, Senator Scott Wiener is reportedly renewing his local-option bill to allow bars to remain open and serve alcohol until 4:00 am.  That bill was vetoed by Governor Brown last year, but Governor Newsom may not veto it if it passes this year.  Neighborhood groups and our Board of Supervisors may be able to limit the extent of late-night bar areas, or arrange local controls if this bill passes.

Annual Membership Meeting and SFFD Sat, Feb 9, 2019

Saturday, February 9, 2019
The meeting will begin at 10:00 am followed by a presentation by the SFFD at the GatewayTheater 
at 215 Jackson Street
Speakers will include GGTA Officers and board members will be elected for 2019 followed by SFFD staff discussing fire prevention, preparation and response. 
All residents of the Gateway are invited to attend the membership meeting. 
To Become a Member
Annual dues are $30.  Checks payable to GGTA may be mailed to PO Box 2134, San Francisco, CA 94126, or will be accepted at the door. Please fill in and bring the “coupon” below along with your dues payment or mail it with your payment. You can also join through our website’s Join or Renew web page: 

GGTA December News

Want to join the GGTA board and make a difference?… And, membership discount through the end of the year… And more in the December newsletter. Neighborhood Update


Happy Holidays to all our GGTA members and their families!

We wish you all a Prosperous, Happy & Healthy 2019

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The Gateway

Tom Gilligan

The GGTA is mourning the loss of Vista East tenant and longtime GGTA board member Tom Gilligan (1939-2018). After spending much of his life in Washington D.C., Tom moved to San Francisco to watch his grandson Liam grow up. He took a lively interest in all those around him and was happily engaged in neighborhood activities. We lost a kind & generous man, who always found the humor in all things. He will be missed!

Neighborhood Projects

Seawall Project

Over the past year, the Port’s Seawall team has been hard at work understanding the existing conditions and analyzing earthquake and flood vulnerabilities. The effort continues for projects to strengthen the Seawall and adapt to sea level rise. If you are interested please consider joining the next Seawall Community Meeting #3 to learn more about the Embarcadero Seawall and the City’s approach to sea level rise and seismic risks in the short, near, and long-term. Thursday, January 31 at 5:30 PM @ SPUR at 635 Mission Street

Building Project at 447 Battery Street

Here is a rendering of the updated design for 447 Battery, which will have no condos. The planning and approval process is continuing. We will update you with more information in 2019.

Sale of Office Building at 600 Battery Street

“The Registry” announced that Atlanta- based Invesco Real Estate has been selected as the buyer of the 117,939 square foot 600 Battery Street office building in San Francisco for approximately $120 million, or just over $1,017 per square foot. Invesco also has the opportunity to expand the size of the property. The office building is zoned C-2 with a height limit of 84 feet. This gives the new owner the potential to vertically add up to 93,000 square feet to the property in the future and expand the value of the asset further.

The sale has not yet closed and there are no known immediate plans to expand the building, but neighborhood groups like the GGTA and the BCNA will certainly watch the project and update you accordingly.